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How Can BetterDiff Help You?

We take care of the low-hanging fruit in code review so you can focus on the big picture

Save time and effort

Developers spend a lot of time in code review every week, but they end up using that time telling people to fix small (but important) details that a computer could find.

BetterDiff will make a first pass at all code reviews, finding problems so your best code reviewers can think more about the big picture.

Improve quality over time

It's hard to find time to dramatically increase the quality of your code without a ground-up rewrite, but rewriting your code is a risky endeavor.

BetterDiff employs "fowards compatibility", which means that we only suggest improvements to changed code. With this, you can improve your code as you go.

Support for multiple languages

Your team chooses the best tool for a job, which can sometimes result in a diverse set of tools. BetterDiff has support for multiple languages to aide you in writing high quality software.

Beyond supporting various programming languages, we have a robust configuration mechanism which, using community best practices, delivers a powerful feature set.

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